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Developer(s) Get Set Games
Publisher(s) Get Set Games
Platform(s) iOS (3.2 or later)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Rating(s) Rated 4+
Mode(s) Singe player
Media Digital download
Input iOS touchscreen
Release date(s) United States: November 3rd 2009
Preceded by: N/A
Succeeded by: N/A

Addicus (also known as Addicus HD on platforms with a high-resolution display) is a mobile action educational video game for iOS devices. It is perhaps best known for being the first game/product created by Get Set Games. The team also perhaps owes a significant portion of its success to Addicus, as it subsequently allowed them to delve into the video game industry and become even more known with the ever-popular Mega series.


The premise of Addicus is very simple. At the top of the screen is some random integer, and the player has to try to achieve that integer by selecting various mushrooms on the play field before them. Each mushroom contains a random value, and the player must use strategy to choose the correct mushrooms that correctly add up to the displayed number.

The player has a limited time to solve the current number. If the player chooses an incorrect mushroom, then they will be penalyzed by having a certain amount of seconds taken away from the timer. Once the player does solve the number, they are granted with a new problem with new mushroom numbers.


The game is entirely touchscreen-based; the player use the touchscreen to tap the mushrooms. They must also use the touchscreen to navigate the menu interfaces.

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