Boost Star
Boost star artwork
Artwork of a Red Boost Star with a yellow frame.
First appearance Mega Jump
Latest appearance Monsters, Inc. Run
Effect Gives player a short boost
Unlocking criteria None (Mega Jump)

Leveling Up (Mega Run: Redford's Adventure) Playing the game for extended periods of time without dying (Mega Jump 2)

Boost Stars (also known as just Stars) are star-shaped Powerups that give the player a brief boost of speed when collected. They also give the player invincibility from enemies and obstacles when they are used. They are rarer than Coins but usually more common than other Powerups.

There are 3 types of Boost Stars, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, with Red Boost Stars being the strongest and producing a more powerful speed boost and Yellow Boost Stars being the weakest, providing a less powerful speed boost.


Mega JumpEdit

Boost Stars first appear in the iOS game Mega Jump. They are placed on the screen with Coins and other objects f

The 4 Boost Stars.

or the player to collect. In this game, when the player collects them, they leave behind a trail of stars of that Boost Star's color.

Mega Run: Redford's AdventureEdit

Boost Stars reappear in this game, with the same function as they had before. However, Blue, Green, and Red Boost Stars have to be unlocked by Leveling-Up. In this game, when used, the player leaves behind a beam-like effect along with little stars of that Boost Star's color.

Mega Jump 2 Edit

Boost Stars appear in Mega Jump 2 with the exact same purpose and function as they did in the first Mega Jump installment; to further increase the player's jump height upon impact. However, this time around, the more powerful the Boost Star, the less likely one is to appear. This is because only the less powerful Boost Stars appear early on in a single play session. As the player continues to jump higher, Blue, Green, and lastly Red Boost Stars start appearing.