Forest Gem
All 3 Forest Gems.
First appearance Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
Latest appearance Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
Effect Increases score
Unlocking criteria None

Forest Gems (or simply just Gems) are mysterious, shiny objects that are in Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. They can be distinguished by their color. They can either be red, green, or blue. In Monsters, Inc. Run, they are replaced by Boo's Things where, instead of colored jewels they are a sock, a ball, and a teddy bear. These items are usually hid in difficult-to-reach places due to their rarity and high value.


Mega Run: Redford's AdventureEdit

Forest Gems make their debut in this game. Because of Rosie and Bluto being kidnapped by the Forest King, the two through back Coins and the Gems for Redford to collect.

If the player gets all Forest Gems then they will have a greater chance of getting a 3 Star Rank. All Gem collections are also labeled on level select screens to show the player how many levels they've completed where they've obtaining all 3 Forest Gems, but the player must collect all three; the game won't record getting only 1 or 2 Gems.

Monsters, Inc. Run Edit

The Gems reappear in this game with the exact same purpose as Mega Run's.

Mega Jump 2 Edit

Forest Gems reappear in the game Mega Jump 2, as collectible items know. As just Gems. They serve as a replacement of traditional Save Stars; whenever the player falls, they are granted the option reviving themselves, at the expense of a Gem. Subsequent falls require twice as many Gems as the previous price. In this game, there are only green-colored Gems, and cannot be used for level "per cent" ccompletion.



  • Saves/Save Stars are the only Powerup that can be used to attract Forest Games to the player.