Get Set Games Inc. (stylized as getsetgames, or just getset) is an indie Canadian-based game d
Game logo

The loading screen for multiple games.

evelopment company that is perhaps best known for creating mobile games Mega Jump and its sequel, Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. It also created lesser-known game Addicus which was the first game to be developed by Get Set Games.


Get Set Games was founded in 2009 in Toronto Canada, by a group of four friends with
Get Set Games on CBC News02:19

Get Set Games on CBC News

a passion for games and game development.




Derek Van Vilet

Rob Segal

Jaba Adams

Dario Segura

Phillip Foss


Nick Coombe

Matt Coombe

Level designersEdit

Mike Sandercock

Nathaniel Dias


Andy Smith

Michael Doucet

External linksEdit, the official website for Get Set Games., the official facebook page for Get Set Games., the official twitter for Get Set Games., the official YouTube channel for Get Set Games.

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