In Mega Run: Redford's Adventure, along with Monsters, Inc. Run, Leveling Up refers to when a
Level up icon

Level Up icon from Mega Run: Redford's Adventure.

player gets enough XP (Experience) and advances to a new level, and a gift is earned.


XP is a measure of the amount of "experience" that theplayer has had from playing levels. After a player dies or finishes a level, their XP bar shows up and adds the player's XP that they gained during their run to the bar. XP is earned by simply running far distances in a level.

When the XP bar is full, the bar resets and player Levels Up and receives some kind of present. This can be unlocking a character or Powerup for purchase in the store, Save Stars, or unlocking an item. Leveling Up becomes increasingly difficult with each level, as more and more Level Ups require more XP.

There are a total of 50 Levels in the game, and they are divided into 6 color-coordinated categories: Blue (1-10), Green (11-20), Purple (21-30), Red (31-40), White (41-49), and Gold (50). Once a player reaches Level 50 they can no longer gain XP or Level Up.

Unlock listEdit

The following table shows each Level Up's gift.

Level Gift Early Unlock price
1 Lucky Blast 1 50 Mega Points
2 3 Save Stars Can't unlock early
3 Blazo 1
4 250 Coins Can't unlock early
5 Freezo 1
6 Bluto 50MP
7 Jetpack 1
8 Blue Star Can't unlock early
9 Magnet 2 50 MP
10 Embiggninate 2 100MP
18 Turbo Freezo
20 3 Save Stars Can't unlock early
22 Turbo Jetpack
23 5 Save Stars Can't unlock early
24 Sheldon
25 Red Boost Star Can't unlock early
26 Super Magnet
27 Turbo Embiggenate
28 Turbo Fireball
29 5 save stars Can't unlock early
30 5x Coin Can't unlock early
31 Turbo Lucky Blast
32 Pepper the Penguin
33 Super Fireball
36 Rolf
38 Mega Magnet 500 MP
41 Dizzy 500 MP
44 3 save stars Can't unlock early
49 10 Save Stars Can't unlock early
50 Gold Redford 1,000 MP

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