Mega Mode
First appearance Mega Jump 2
Latest appearance Mega Jump 2
Effect Warps player into area filled with Coins and Gems
Unlocking criteria None (available at start of game)
Mega Mode (also known as Monstrous Mega Mode)is a new Powerup-like mechanic that appears in Mega Jump 2. It is activated when the player's Mega Meter reaches its capacity. The Mega Meter needs to be filled by collect Gems.Gems
Mega mode 1

Promotional image of the new Mega Mode mechanic.

When this mode is activated, the player warps into a parallel world that is filled with an endless amount of Coins and more Gems, while the Mega Mode Meter slowly depletes. However, Gems cannot replenish the meter while Mega Mode is activated; the meter can only be refilled once Mega Mode has ended.

Mega Mode may be upgraded in the Store for a certain amount of Coins. These upgrades increase the duration of Mega Mode.