Artwork of Penny from Mega Jump 2
Full name Penny
Species Cat
First appearance Mega Jump 2

Penny is a cat that made her debut in Mega Jump 2.



Mega Jump 2Edit

Penny made her first appearance as a playable character in Mega Jump 2.

Penny as seen in the trailer for Mega Jump 2.

Physical descriptionEdit

Penny, like many of the other monsters, are depicted as small and cute creatures. She has dark blue fur with a white blotch on her stomach. She has 3 claws at the ends of her hands and feet, and even has a tail. Penny also has large, amber colored cat-like eyes with black pupils. Her upper canine teeth are also barely seen protruding from her mouth.


Despite his monster-looking nature, Redford is adventurous and nice. In Mega Run: Redford's Adventure's intro, Redford is seen flying with his brother and sister, collecting coins and items. When he is knocked to the ground by the game's antagonist, and when his brother and sister are kidnapped, he sets out to save them, showing Redford's heroic side.

Traits and abilitiesEdit

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Like Redford, Penny is agile and fast. She has the ability to fly, as indicated in Mega Jump 2, with the help of various objects such as Coins, Stars, and Powerups.