Various powerups update
Various Powerups from Mega Jump
First appearance Mega Jump
Latest appearance Monsters, Inc. Run
Effect Various
Unlocking criteria None
Powerups (also known as Boosts) are special items that the player can collect to change gameplay and grant the player with a certain ability/strength for a limited time. Powerups are mostly good, but they can, at times, be bad. Some Powerups are available form the start of the game, but other Powerups have to be purchased. Once they are purchased, they may appear during gameplay and the player can obtain them.


Mega JumpEdit

In this game, each Powerup of the same type costs the same amount of Mega points to unlock. The player must unlock the Powerups in order to unlock subseqent updrages.

Mega Run: Redford's AdventureEdit

In this game, all Powerups that can be purchased in the store are worth different values. Unlike its prequel, powerups are arranged in order of cost instead of the Powerups themselves. Also, they can purchase them in any order, but they to be unlocked unlocked (via leveling-up), or unlocked early with Mega Points.

Monsters, Inc. RunEdit

Powerups make a return in the spin-off game Monsters Inc. Run. They serve a similar purpose to the ones in it's parent game.

Mega Jump 2Edit

In Mega Jump 2, many Powerups return from its predecessors such as the Embiggenate and the Fireball. However, in this game, while Powerup upgrades do exist, they merely slightly lengthen the duration of the Powerup instead of increasing their strength/allowing additional abilities.

Mega Blast Edit

A Powerup appears in the upcomming Mega Blast.


Certain Powerups may be purchased and upgraded from the stores. There are a total of four powerup levels, becoming more and more expensive the more they are upgraded. In Mega Jump, they have specific names. In Mega Run: Redford's Adventure and its spin-off, however, they are just given numbers, starting with 1 and ending with 4. In each game, there are seven total upgradable Powerups.


These are the default and the weakest Powerup type, and have a blue-ish color to them. In Mega Run, these are worth 250 Mega Points.


These are the first upgrade to the normal Powerups. They are colored green. Every Turbo Powerup must be unlocked to be used. In Mega Run, these are worth 500 Mega Points.


These are the second upgrade to the normal Powerups, and are colored Purple. These, like the Turbo Powerups, have to be unlocked in order for the player to obtain them. In Mega Run, these are worth 1000 Mega Points.


These titular Powerups are the third and final upgrade of Powerups. These are red and are the most powerful, most valuable, and usually the most helpful Powerup type. Every Mega Powerup must be unlocked as well for use. In Mega Jump, these are worth 4000 Mega Points.

List of PowerupsEdit

The following is a list of Powerups found in the games.

Mega JumpEdit

Image Name Effect
Yellowbooststar Boost Star Gives the player a short Boost and brief invincibility.
Umbrella Action Umbrella Allows player to use an umbrella to descend more slowly.
Anti-gravity boots Anti-Gravity Boots Allows player to rotate gravity run and jump on the side of the screen.
Balloon Balloon Inflates the player and allows them to float upwards automatically.
Jump boots Jump Boots Allows player to jump higher when grabbing Items.
Lucky blast Lucky Blast Turns coins, blocks, and enemies that are on the screen into either Coins or Boost Stars.
Magnet Magnet Allows player to pull in nearby Coins and Boost Stars.
Power shield Power Shield Protects player and lets them destroy enemies and obstacles.
Fireball Fireball Gives the player a powerful Boost and invincibility.
Supernova Supernova Gives the player a more powerful Boost and longer invincibility.
SavestarMJ Save Star

Revives the player and gives them a powerful Boost and brief invincibility.

Mega Run: Redford's AdventureEdit

Image Name Effect Price (First level) Price (Second level) Price (Third level) Price (Fourth level)
Magnet Allows player to pull in nearby Coins and Boost Stars. 13,000 Coins
Embigennate Embiggenate Increases players size and makes them invincible 14,000 Coins
Fireball Gives the player a powerful Boost and invincibility.
Lucky Blast Turns coins and enemies that are on the screen into Coins and Boost Stars. 3,500 Coins 9,000 Coins
Blazo1 Blazo Surrounds player with Fireball(s) that are used to destroy enemies and obstacles.
Freezo Surrounds player with Iceballs that are used to freeze enemies. 4,500 Coins 11,000
Jetpack Jetpack Allows player to hover in mid-air 12,000 Coins
Savestar Save Star Revives the player and gives them a powerful Boost and brief invincibility. 10 Mega Points (for 1 Save Star) 40 Mega Points (for 5 Save Stars) 70 Mega Points (for 3 Save Stars) 150 Mega Points (for 25 Save Stars)

Monsters, Inc. RunEdit

  • Phast
  • Guncc
  • Mor Ray

Mega Jump 2Edit

Image Name Effect
MegaJump2 Embiggenate
Embiggenate Increases the player's size and renders them invulnerable.
Magnet Allows the player to attract Coins toward themselves.
X2 Booster Makes every point earned instead double that amount.
Fireball Grants the player a massive speed boost and renders them invulnerable
Power Shield Renders the player invulnerable
Gem Grants the player with a brief speed boost and invulnerability
Mega Start Gives the player a short speed boost upon game start.


  • In early versions of Mega Jump, Powerups were not upgradable and only contained one type of each Powerup.