A sprite of Rosie from Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
Full name Rosie
Species Monster
First appearance Mega Jump
Latest appearance Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
Store price 1500 Mega Points (Mega Jump)
Relationships Redford (brother)

Bluto (brother) Forest King (enemy)

Rosie is one of the main characters in Mega Jump and Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. She is the sister of Redford and Bluto.



Mega JumpEdit

Rosie first appeared in Mega Jump. Like her brothers, she is on her way to the galaxies to head home. She can be purchased in the shop for some Mega Points.

Mega Run: Redford's AdventureEdit

Rosie makes her second appearance in Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. She plays a significant role in this game, as in the game's intro, she is seen captured by a giant green monster with a pouch full of items. She and her brother Bluto throw Coins and Items to Redford for him to collect for him to save them.

Rosie can be purchased in the shop for Coins.

Mega Jump 2 Edit

Rosie reappears in the double-sequel game Mega Jump 2, with the same purpose as she had in the first Mega Jump installment.

Physical descriptionEdit

Rosie has a shape similar to that of her brothers. She is pink, like her name suggests. She has large eyes with small pupils, large, round ears on her head. She has a large body and stubby legs and arms with three claws on each of them. She has a blue bow laying at the top of her head as well. She has large, pointed teeth and has 12 of them, unlike Redford. In the first game, Rosie has three, spaced out, thick, long burgundy eyelashes. In it's sequel however, they are thin and short.


Rosie, as the shop descriptions depict her, is revealed to be "feisty and fast". Due to her appearance, she seems to be quite feminine and dainty. Otherwise, her personality seems to be similar to Redford. In Mega Run: Redford's Adventure, she is shown to be happily soaring through the skies and collecting coins with her brothers. When she is kidnapped, she works together with Bluto so they can be together with Redford again.

Traits and abilitiesEdit

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Like Redford, Rosie is agile and fast. She has the ability to fly and run, as indicated in the games she is playable in. In the second game, she is shown to be a quick-thinker, as when she is kidnapped, she and Bluto come up with a way for Redford to rescue them.



  • Rosie is the only member of Redford's family to not have any alternate characters/variants.