The Supernova Powerup.
First appearance Mega Jump
Latest appearance Mega Jump
Effect Gives the player a more powerful Boost and invincibility.
Unlocking criteria None

The Supernova is a Powerup that appeared in Mega Jump. It is a more powerful version of the Fireball Powerup. It (along with it's Fireball counterpart) is the only "regular" Powerup that is not upradable. It is considered the most helpful Powerup in the game.


Mega JumpEdit

The Supernova made it's only appearance in Mega Jump, where it was a blue round flame with two small purple sparkles on the bottom of it.

When collected, it gives the player a large, temporary, upward boost of speed, and surrounds the player in purple fire and blue smoke, and purple sparkles as well. With the effects of a Supernova, the player becomes invulnerable. The player also attracts any Coins (including Trickster Coins as well) at a high speed.

Although the Supernova didn't return in Mega Run: Redford's Adventure, it was technically replaced by upgrades of the Fireball Powerup.



  • In early versions of Mega Run: Redford's Adventure, the Fireball Powerups from that game closely resembles the Fireball/Supernova from this game.